I'm a professional editorial and documentary photographer based in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

I started my photography career over 35 years ago in the NGO and charity sector, initially photographing projects, people and events for Save the Children Fund and Oxfam in the UK. 

Since then I have worked both in the UK and abroad for a wide range of newspapers and magazines in the UK, Europe and Africa. Publications that have commissioned me and featured my work include The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, Oggi and L’Espresso (Italy), Der Speigel (Germany) and the Mail & Guardian (South Africa).

Alongside this editorial work, I’ve also undertaken extensive assignments for schools, colleges and educational organisations, healthcare providers and arts organisations. 

Other commissioned work includes corporate photography projects, creating images for in-house business publications and websites including annual reports and corporate social responsibility case studies.

Since moving to North Yorkshire from London in 2014 my work's focus has shifted to photographing landscapes both natural and managed and the life that inhabits this region of the British Isles.

To discuss assignments, collaborations or print sales please contact me on +44 (0) 7831 269 482 or via email.

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